Unilite SLR-3500 LED Worklight with Powerbank



The SLR-3500 is an ultra-bright 3500 lumen LED worklight with powerbank & a rechargeable battery. The SLR-3500 can charge other products via USB. The main light can be easily rotated, and it has a super strong magnetic base to aid placement. The light is made from toughened Polycarbonate with an anti-glare lens. This light can also be used with the Tripod-360.

Comes with mains charger with UK/EU/US/AUS plug adapters.

Tough polycarbonate rechargeable LED site with power bank feature.  

3500 Lumen 30W Samsung® SMD LEDs

Powerful Li-ion battery with battery level indicator

Battery pack can easily be removed and used as a USB power bank

50% dimming function to increase battery runtime

Built in aluminium heat sink

Anti-slip rubber grip handle

Adjustable head for light angle

ough polycarbonate housing and stand

Acrylic LED diffuser for even light dispersion

Anti glare polycarbonate lens

Super strong magnetic base

IP54 dust & water resistant

4-5 hours charge time

BATTERY 7.4v 6600 mAh Li-ion Battery Pack

WEIGHT 1880g

DIMENSION 215 x 192 x 285mm