TCT Carbide Magnetic Drill Cutter - Short Series 35mm Depth of Cut



Turbo™️ Tough cutters by JEI are a premium, trusted quality TCT annular cutters manufactured to the highest of standards to deliver maximum cutting performance on a variety of materials from structural steel to cast iron.

With cutting tips made from micro grain carbide combined with a cobalt binding agent to ensure super strong structure and provide exceptional tool life.

Provide multiple times more cutting lifespan than standard HSS Cutters, providing the operator with more holes, higher productivity and greater cutting performance.

Ideal for Heavy plate Drilling, Site work construction and removing existing bolts and rivets on cast iron bridgework

  • 19mm (3/4") Universal Weldon shank suits all standard machines, and quick fit Nitto Cutters (Up to 65mm Diameter)
  • Sizes over 65mm Diameter feature an Industrial 1-1/4" Shank for extra rigidity
  • Features a triple tooth geometry; Each tooth provides a different cutting function, providing great results.
  • Reduced cutting resistance.
  • Even tooth load = vibration free cut.
  • Smooth cutting action = increased cutting efficiency.
  • Sizes available up to 200mm diameter **

Perfect for hole-making applications on mild & structural steels, cast iron and stainless.

Also available in 55mm, 80mm, 110mm, 150mm and 200mm depth of cuts.

** Available on request with the option of custom made to order sizes in larger diameters and depth of cuts.

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