TCT Carbide Magnetic Drill Cutter - 150mm Depth of Cut



Tungsten carbide tipped cutters (TCT) are designed to the highest of standards to deliver maximum cutting performance on a variety of materials from structural steel to cast iron.

Turbo™️ Tough cutters by JEI are high quality TCT cutters, manufactured from micro grain carbide combined with a cobalt binding agent to ensure super strong structure and provide exceptional tool like.

  • Features a triple tooth geometry.
  • Each tooth provides a different cutting function, providing great results.
  • Reduced cutting resistance.
  • Even tooth load = vibration free cut.
  • Smooth cutting action = increased cutting efficiency.
  • 150mm depth of cut.
  • Sizes available up to 200mm diameter **

Perfect for hole-making applications on mild & structural steels, cast iron and stainless.

Also available in 35mm, 55mm, 80mm, 110mm and 200mm depth of cuts.

** Available on request with the option of custom made to order sizes in larger diameters and depth of cuts.