Super Tough TCT Coated Cutter Sets



A super coated TCT cutter designed for the world toughest and most challenging materials.

With fantastic tool life, JEI's Turbo™️ Endurance+ cutter saves time and money for the user on every occasion.

  • Cuts through the most challenging of materials.
  • Greater protection from heat build and surface softening.
  • Unrivaled performance – less production down time.
  • Ability to drill dry when required.
  • Low cost per hole ratio.
  • Available as a 5 piece set in 35 mm or 55 mm depth of cuts.
  • Comes complete with a robust plastic case.
  • Includes: 14,16,18,20 and 22 mm cutters plus pilot pins to suit.
Perfect For:

Hardox, Weldox, Armoured Plate, Super Duplex, Aircraft Steels, Abro Plate

The super tough coating provides increased surface hardness, a friction free cutting face and better heat transfer at the surface. These great benefits allow the Turbo™️ Endurance+ cutter to tackle Hardox, Weldox, Abro, Armoured Plate and Duplex with ease.