MiniBeast™️ Auto



The world's smallest automatic magnetic drilling machine with all the features of the Minibeast™️.

  • Compact size and weight - ideal for site work.
  • Internal coolant reservoir - ensuring maximum cutter life.
  • Self correcting slide rails - for maintenance free operation.
  • Light-weight - only 13 kg.
  • Easier operation – lets the machine control the task.
  • Increased productivity – one operator can control several machines at one time.
  • Improved tool life – let the machine do the cutting. More holes per tool with better hole results.
  • Protects against misuse of machine and wearing parts – no manual overloading of the motor.
  • Longer overall life of the machine.

The MiniBeast™️ Auto is ideal for high production environments, cutting more holes in less time. Easy, maintenance-free operation means this can control the task for greater productivity.