MagBeast® HM100TS Swivel Base 3MT Magnetic Drilling Machine with Variable Speed and Reverse



The complete 3MT model, capable of cutting, reaming, counterboring and tapping holes with 360º swivel base, variable speed and reverse.

  • Heavy duty 1800 w motor
  • 2 speed variable gearbox with reverse
  • 290 mm total drill travel
  • Sleek, ergonomic design
  • Maintenance free twin slide rails
  • Fixed safety guard
  • Simple and effective control panel
  • Powerful electromagnetic base
  • Full 360º swivel base option enables enhanced drilling precision and increased versatility.

Capable of cutting, reaming, counterboring and tapping holes, the MagBeast® HM100TS is the perfect all-around choice for a variety of applications using simple and efficient electronic controls.