HSS Imperial Sized Annular Broaching Cutter



Delivers increased cutting power, reduced resistance and enhanced tool life.  More holes per cutter.

JEI's Turbo™️ Steel HSS cutters are high quality, fully CNC ground M2-AL cutter, designed to provide the very optimum performance of a HSS Cutter.

  • JEI's Turbo™️ Steel features a 2 step geometry.
  • Each alternate tooth involves a different stage of the hole cutting process.
  • Increasing cutting power.
  • Reducing resistance.
  • Produces a finer nest of chips to provide an improved swarf removal.
  • Increased tool life - more holes per cutter.
  • Reduced tool wear - produces a quality burr free hole.
  • Available in 1" and 2" depth of cuts.

Most mild, aluminium and structural steel

Also available in Metric sizes in 25 mm and 50 mm depth of cuts.

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