HSS Coated Turbo™ Endurance Annular Broaching Cutters



Turbo™ Endurance is a high quality, fully CNC ground M2-AL cutter, manufactured with an innovative coating design to triple the tool life of regular HSS Cutters.

Manufactured from M2-AL material and finished with a toughened coating JEI's Turbo™️ Endurance cutters are designed to triple the tool life of a standard HSS Cutter.

Blackmax type.

  • Greater protection from heat build and surface softening.
  • Unrivaled performance – less production down time.
  • Ability to drill dry when required.
  • Low cost per hole ratio.
  • Available in 25 mm and 50 mm cutting depths.

Mild, aluminium and structural steel with extended tool life

Also available as a 5 piece cutter set.

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