Detachable Pilot Pins



A 2 part detachable pilot pin, by JEI Solutions,  which will allow cutting of solid steel up to 150 mm thick without completely having to remove the pin during operation.

The pilot pin or centre pin as it is also known, is used for ejecting the slug from the centre of the cutter on completion of the hole. The pilot pin is also used as the central focal point when positioning the drill on the pre-marked steel.

  • Centralises the position of the hole on the pre-marked steel.
  • Lubricates the cutter internally by acting as a flow tap for the coolant as it retracts into the spring loaded machine arbor, increasing tool life and ensuring slug ejection.
  • Ejects the solid slug of steel on completion of the hole.

When cutting through a solid plate with a thickness of more than 50 mm, the standard pilot pin will not retract further into the machine arbor. At this stage, the pilot pin is normally removed and replaced with a shorter version to complete the hole operation, or the operator will simply not use a centre pin for the hole, an option which will almost definitely result in cutter breakage.