Annular Cutter Regrinding Machine



A Simple, Easy to Use Machine, Specifically Designed for Quality Annular Cutter Regrinding.

Saves time and money in carrying out an effective cutter regrind, particularly if the customer is in urgent need of continued production drilling.

  • Simple set up and operation – Easy positioning of cutting tool.
  • Economical – far less expensive than heavier equipment.
  • Lightweight and portable – ideal for site work, or a small workshop.
  • Diamond wheel – creates a sharp, clean new cutting edge.
  • Easy angle adjustment – simple alignment to original angle geometry.
  • Laser guided cutter alignment – ensuring correct positioning of cutting edge to the wheel.
  • Additional gullet reforming wheel supplied – extending the life of the annular cutter.
  • Supplied with full range of index plates – to cover most cutter diameters / no. of teeth (HSS type only).
  • Available in 240 v.